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Where were you when you first conceived the main idea and principles behind your business?


Today, is your business where you imagined it would be?


If the answer is “yes”; let’s work together to set and achieve your next goal. Whether it is to launch a new product, open an additional location, or be featured in your industry’s most respected magazine, Global paves the path.


If the answer is “no,” our business consultants have the knowledge to educate you on areas to improve upon. Then, we work with you to construct a stronger foundation and to guide you through distinct milestones while approaching your original goal.


Business development and consulting are the expertise of Global’s CEO and Founder Pedram Doustkam, “Peter Doust.” Doustkam focuses on any issues a company may have, such as stifled growth, poor marketing, lackluster designs, tense partnerships, or other concerns that may arise on a day-to-day basis. Because business owners oftentimes don’t have time to deal with such headaches, Doustkam develops a customized plan to help resolve any issues.


We don’t use cookie cutter systems.


Our consulting and business plans are creatively structured to stimulate the improvement of your original business model. Doustkam takes your problems and offers solutions through innovative and effective means.


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