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Why Invest in Marketing?


In vague terms, marketing is the act of introducing a brand or further promoting it to a targeted audience. The exposure created by marketing builds the brand’s credibility and notoriety and, ultimately, develops a business’ client base.


It is nearly impossible to narrow down the term “marketing” to a handful of strategies or techniques.


When devising a marketing strategy, it is important to keep an open mind. Industries are constantly evolving. Embrace this cycle of change. Be original and step out of your comfort zone without losing your intended audience.


Test different strategies. If they work, awesome, you just extended the reach of your brand. If they don’t work, you know what demographic, location, and techniques on which to not waste time or money.


This process is a lot to ask of anyone, but Global will break it down for you:


You see, as GCS’ Founder and CEO, Pedram Doustkam, “Peter Doust” has always told his team, marketing is either like fishing or crab fishing—depending on the size of the business, the business’ budget, etc. Whether you drop one fishing line or multiple 800-pound crab pots, ideally you want a bite within minutes, but realistically, you wait. And wait. And wait. If you get a bite, you know that bait, area, and time of day works. If you don’t get a bite, you move on and try different tactics.


This is what marketing is and why it is so hard to concisely define the term. Because, as markets evolve, so do marketing strategies. But Global has a strong market research and analytics team who can tailor any type of marketing plan for your business, such as mass, guerilla marketing, online marketing, direct mail marketing, focused or broad marketing, and more.


Seize the catch of the day!

What are street teams? What do they do?


A street team is a form of marketing comprised of a group of individuals who help to endorse a business, product or service using non-traditional methods by bringing goods to potential customers on the streets. Global helps to design, create, print, and produce advertisements for a company’s new products and utilizes street teams to actively pursue clients.


A street team requires event staff and at times brand ambassadors who know the product and can provide information in a professional and interactive manner. If a product requires explanation, street teams or event staff will provide tutorials and demonstrations. Street teams pass out product samples and promotional coupons while retaining customers through on-site registration with your business.


As a form of guerrilla marketing, street teams present a strategy to target certain areas in a city, which trigger publicity through personable interaction.


Don’t monkey around; use our guerilla marketing team!


Brand Ambassadors

For marketing campaigns and street team event strategies, brand ambassadors adequately and professionally represent the entirety of your brand and company. Businesses with a strong logo, developed brand, and clear mission, need to spread information regarding new products, services, and promotions. Brand ambassadors, also known as promotional models in some industries, help to do just that. As people specifically trained in a company’s unique mission, ambassadors are outgoing, friendly, helpful people with skills in presentations and public speaking. Promotional models are trained with the best weapon—knowledge. Ambassadors are able to answer questions or resolve any issues or concerns a customer may have, thereby extending the reach of customer care.


For street team events, promotional launches, and guerilla marketing, brand ambassadors represent the personable brand. Brand ambassadors help to pass out sample products, rally enthusiasm at an event, spread company awareness, retain current customers, and attract new customers all with a friendly face and a helpful character.


Where does Global come in?

Let our people help you.

You may not have the capacity to put your brand on thousands of people, right?


Success for many small and large businesses is an uphill battle, but Global can ease the frustration of the climb by offering marketing and graphic design services for enclosed advertising vehicles.


From a colorful picture to a promotional ad, our enclosed mobile advertising trailers help to market your brand and further your business investment goals. With larger than life graphics and plenty of room for the storage of your gift bags or promotional items, enclosed advertising vehicles take your products to the hands of potential and current customers.


Unlike static billboards, mobile advertising trailers are more cost effective and actively transport your mission to thousands of people daily.


Turn your business into a fast moving entity that can reach thousands of customers a day.

What does mail marketing mean? Let us explain.


There are two main types of mail marketing:


Mailing Services:

Have you been collecting business and/or residential mailing addresses over the years? Don’t know what to do with them? Want to remind customers of your new and existing products or services?

Use mailing services. The first step is to design and print a postcard. Global offers professional graphic design and printed products of various sizes and cardstock. After approval, print production, and USPS postage implementation, the mailing list you provide is laser-jetted onto each mailer and placed in the mail box for your clients’ convenience.


Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM):

Don’t have a mailing list but want to target specific zip codes or certain areas?

Use Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM). Your suggested areas combined with our research help to pinpoint the regions that will be most beneficial for your business’ advertising. A few seconds is all you need to leave a lasting impression, so our marketing consultants, graphic designers, and content writers collaborate to ensure that each step of the EDDM process is smoothly performed.

By choosing multiple mail routes, Every Door Direct Mail marketing provides the means of reaching large numbers of people on a routine basis.


Both Mailing Services and EDDM are cost effective because they qualify for bulk mailing rates.


Don’t underestimate snail mail!


Snail mail can help your business grow fast!

Unconventional approach to advertising a brand


After a while, do you feel like your company blends in with the rest, but you feel your message and mission are different?


Give people something to remember and talk about. Stand out today with Global’s alternative advertising and outdoor projections. Outdoor media, also known as wallscapes, help to leave lasting impressions on targeted consumers and any passing pedestrians.


With vivid colors and cutting edge technology, Global employs the ability to use high-power digital projection as a means to build clientele. Using optical illusion and digital media on a mass spectrum sends an intrinsic message that your business is current, unforgettable, and unique.


For products, messages, sports events, or VIP red carpets, use projection advertising as a way to captivate an audience while proving innovation in thinking and business.


Choose Global or request a consultation with a marketing guru today. We have the innovation; let us project your business today!

Small Company; Big City Marketing.


Interior bus / transportation advertisements
Exterior bus / transportation advertisements
Bus stand advertisements
Mall Media advertising
Bench advertisements
Billboards, Signs, and Posters
Digital Billboards
Marketing Campaigns on Metros, Subways, Trains, and Platform Displays


For companies trying to increase their brand awareness, creating mass transit marketing campaigns helps to retain current customers and draw the attention of potential customers.


Marketing public transportation strategies target large audiences by consistently reminding possible clients of products, services, and company brands.


With a one-time start-up fee and, in some cases, monthly maintenance costs, a company can advertise specials or discounts, new locations, or promotional launches utilizing transit resources. The average person, consciously or subconsciously, is exposed to 600 advertisements a day, approximately. Thus, it is not farfetched to state that people who use public transportation, including buses, metros, trains, and subways view a large portion of these daily advertisements on their commute to and from work.


Global’s professional marketing and consulting team helps to provide the most cost efficient and successful form of advertising customized for each individual company. With the man power of in-house graphic designers, your logo and brand will be clear in message and mission.


Leave lasting impressions on people as they drive through cities, and build positive associations with your brand. Contact us today to learn more about mass transit advertising.


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