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Have you ever had an idea and wanted to host an event but didn’t know where to start?


With Global’s help, our team will transform any idea into a reality—from venue decision to final clean up. Creative is our middle name, but our creativity only begins with our name as we become your resourceful event planners.


Read Global’s 7 steps for flawless events.



Step 1: Idea
Every event begins with a idea, theme, or desire. Whether work related, family gathering, or celebrity based, Global helps turn your concept into a reality with innovation and the proper resources.


Step 2: Venue Decision and Walkthrough
Need help choosing a venue? Global has a list of locations perfect for any occasion. After you decide on a time and place, our event coordinators provide a free consultation and walk through the site with you providing tips and helpful suggestions to make your event unique.


Step 3: Brainstorming and Planning
During the whole “pre-event” process, Global provides options, vendors, caterers, signage, and media resources to transform any location into an unforgettable memory. We plan and organize your ideas, providing feedback and support through every step of the event.


Step 4: Getting the Word Out
Global has the means to print artistically designed flyers and invitations with the help of our in-house graphic designers with a wide array of paper, coatings, textures, and custom print options. But if you are trying to save the environment and rescue a few trees, Global also has the ability to spread the word with a specialized website invitation, which may contain pictures, directions to the venue, individualized messages, and more!


Step 5: Setup and Organization
Before the event, our team will arrive on scene with the tools to set-up decorations, lighting, and sound while ensuring that all vendors arrive punctually. Again, we will walk through the venue and run through the schedule of timing. Nothing will be overlooked, so you can sleep well at night.


During Event


Step 6: On-Hand Coordinators
Think we would leave you there? Not yet! Through the entire event, we work behind the scenes as your personalized event planners making sure everything flows flawlessly. Any glitches there may be, Global handles so you may enjoy the event.


After Event


Step 7: Clean Up and Tear Down
As the event ends and guests leave, Global stays to provide a team to quickly tear down and clean up the venue. We will stay until the rental vendors return to pick up their goods. We take care of everything, so you can enjoy the last glimmering moments of a perfect event!

Fundraising events allow people to give back.


As a team of professional specialists, Global provides assistance with fundraising ideas, venue walk throughs, and securing donations. But we don’t leave you there! After attendees leave, Global provides a team to clean up and tear down.


We work with limited budgets, and can help to maximize profits for your charities and other organizations by using our many resources and wholesale discounts from our vendors. Our marketing consultants will help to customize a plan, not only for a single event, but for you as an entity to continuously apply to profit others.


Any event, including charity, religious, political campaign, or disease awareness, helps to raise money for meaningful organizations.


Choose Global and our team to help make any fundraising event not only memorable but beneficial.

Non-profits and charities aid in the benefit of others, whether for religious purposes, political campaigns, or to rally support for disease awareness.


Whatever your cause, Global’s creative team will help to arrange and organize an event to promote it. We work to offer different suggestions as to draw attention to your non-profit, while also providing volunteers so you can relax at your special charity event. Global can provide a wide selection of chairs, tent rentals, linens, print products, and even media exposure for your event.


Global is accustomed to facilitating charity events on a restricted budget.


For example, we have the means to provide cost efficient event gift bags with promotional items, social media blasts, and creatively-designed flyers.


We help to secure one-time donations, volunteers, and long lasting support for the organization. Let us show you what we are capable of accomplishing for any non-profit organization. If we can’t do it; it can’t be done.

We are the creative end, so your corporation can focus on business.


A business event can help to strengthen colleagues’ relationships, allow for the educational advancement in the form of a informative seminar, introduction of a new product or brand to mass audiences, interactive workshops, or even just celebrate a company’s current success. With checklists through every stage of production, Global’s creative team can help to arrange and consolidate a corporate event.


We can make any company event a special event with a uniform concept and staff members prepared to serve your every whim. From entertainment to venues, Global has the resources to transform and coordinate any occasion. Large or small, we understand that details are crucial. We provide creative corporate event ideas in order to customize your event, including:


– Seminars
– Conferences / Conventions
– Picnics
– Commendation Ceremonies
– Dinners
– Promotional Parties
– Holiday parties
– Launching of a New Product


Choose Global Creative Studios because we are different.


Our services include design and printing flyers, business cards, large format signage, and product samples; we create promotional web advertisements; and we operate social media platforms for a wide range of clientele.


If you need more convincing, call us today for a free business and marketing consultation.

If your special occasion does not fall under any of the listed personal events, do not fret. For content’s sake, we had to keep the list short, but Global has the resources to make any event special. Call us today to discuss ideas, themes, or destinations. Let’s think big together!




Your special day should be perfect down to the last pearl placed in a bouquet. As the guests of honor, you also shouldn’t have to worry that Aunt Martha’s table placement card seems to have disappeared. Before the stress and anxiety sets in, let Global Creative Studios deal with all of the details. From invitations to rentals to flower arrangements and even videography, Global has the resources to simplify and capture every perfect moment of a wedding. For women of the bridal party, mother of the bride and groom, and the bride herself, Global provides a glam team—a mobile team of traveling hair stylists and makeup artists to enhance everyone’s natural beauty the day of the wedding.


As a collaborative team, Global works together with clients to create detailed plans of the ideal, personalized event. Throughout the entire process, planning, ceremony, celebration and cleanup, Global will deal with the minute details so as a family, and a couple, you may enjoy every aspect of the day, stress free.


Bar / Bat Mitzvahs


Global Creative Studios provides event planning and execution for any special occasion, including Bar / Bat Mitzvahs, the coming of age ceremonies for men and women in the Jewish culture. Around the ages of 12 and 13, it is customary for a Jewish child to study Hebrew and then read from the Torah in an important ceremony. After the ceremony, a celebration is held to welcome the now-adult into the Jewish community.


Global Creative Studios understands the differences in culture and customs of different religions and ethnicities. Global creates, organizes, manages, and hosts events for Bar and Bat Mitzvahs throughout the Southern California region. From rentals, like linens, tables, chairs, to stages, lighting, rigging, posters, invitations and so much more, Global has not only the resources but the experience to manage any special event. Call us today to find out more information. Not only will we be your planners and organizers; but we will also welcome you into the Jewish community with a giant Mazel Tov alongside your family and friends!




At the age of 15, a niña becomes a mujer in many Hispanic cultures. To celebrate such an occasion, Global provides a team of capable and experienced special event planners to plan and organize every aspect of the celebration. With modern and traditional invitations, Global helps from the very beginning to construct the ultimate vision of the birthday celebration. By suggesting themes and vendor locations, Global offers suggestions to create a personalized occasion catered for specific needs. With rentals, lighting, videography, and photography, every aspect of the special event will not only be perfect, but will be flawlessly captured to show generations to come.


Global works closely to create and review all of a client’s needs, which makes planning even extravagant events simple and easy for all parties involved. Call us today if you have any questions about your very special event, we are here to help. Oh, and feliz cumpleaños!


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