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GCS’ web services include expert website development & design, cost-effective hosting, various maintenance plans, online marketing strategies, and around-the-clock support.


GCS helps to guide small and large decisions, such as which domain name to purchase or the planning and mapping out of a website’s skeleton.


Whether you do not yet have a website or already have an existing website that you would like revamped and updated, we provide business consulting to meet your needs.

Have you hired a design and development company to design a website for you?


Did the website turn out less than perfect and not what you had envisioned?


Was it difficult to reach and communicate with the programmers and designers because of outsourcing issues?


Global has the solution.


To put it simply: there is no task too trivial or too advanced for our team.

We have experience developing and maintaining low-maintenance, one-page websites, interactive blog websites, concise informative websites, and also—at the other end of the spectrum—300+ page websites, e-commerce websites, and intensive database-driven websites.


Much of our client base is built off of the failure of other website development companies. Sometimes a business needs a website and chooses our competitor. When our competitor drops the ball on projects, businesses call Global to right all the wrongs. By using in-house graphic designers and computer programmers, consultations and visits to our office aren’t only possible, they’re easy. Speak with a designer to discuss a color scheme, or meet with a programmer to fix an online problem. As a unit, our team collaborates to create the best possible product at the most affordable price.

What is website hosting?


A common misconception is that when you purchase a domain name and develop a website on that domain, the website is automatically live and able to be viewed by people. This is false. In order for a website to exist for people to access it, it needs to be HOSTED on a network server, which allows hundreds, thousands, and even millions of people to access the website at any given time.


There are several website hosting companies out there—Global being one of them. However, Global’s web hosting stands out amongst them because we provide:


Centralization of all information
Increased security
High bandwidth capacity
Efficient accessibility

No more intrusive and annoying permission settings are needed to make simple changes to your website. Website hosting is a service Global provides our clients for their peace of mind.

In order to keep your website current, Global offers services such as the design of website advertisements, which can promote products, inform clients, or simply update pages within a website.


Our web ads are infused with not only our graphic designers’ artistic eye, but also with our marketing team’s expertise.


We develop websites and create customized page advertisements to meet any client’s needs. Our marketing team works in unison with our graphic designers to produce successful ads that draw in consumers while keeping your brand fresh and modern.


Rather than outsourcing, Global’s team relies on each other for feedback and criticism to create all of our quality designs. A client may visit the office or, if preferred, make changes via email or over the phone. Because our team is easily accessible, changes are not a hassle, but effortless and quick.


Just as technology constantly evolves, so should your website and web advertisements.

Website maintenance can consist of small or intensive changes made after a website has been developed.

Changes include creating a new page to the website, updating a website’s advertisements, changing a printable online form to an instant online form to be emailed, adding new items or products to an e-commerce website, and so much more.


Examples of what we’ve done include:


Menu additions (i.e., Happy Hour, Dessert Menu)
New bios or personal profiles
Recurring/upcoming events (i.e., live music every Friday)
Graphic design changes to rotating banners
New products or services
Specialty services (i.e. dental implants, current pharmaceutical lawsuits)
Website maintenance packages vary depending on the amount of time required to maintain the client’s website over the span of a day, week, month, three months, year, etc.


Global assesses how much estimated labor a website will require and creates a customized website maintenance plan to meet the needs of the client.

With the majority of people searching the internet for products, services, programs, restaurants, retail, beauty services, lawyers, etc., the establishment of a strong online presence is vital to a company’s success.


If your business isn’t searchable, how is someone going to find you?


The chances of finding your company’s website in a saturated market greatly decrease without an experienced online marketing team.


It is important to acknowledge and embrace the impact technology has on the world and consumers especially. It is not only important to have a website, mobile website, social media platforms, SEO/PPC, but also to ensure that these online services are up to par with your industry’s standards.

If you are confused by the terms Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) as online services, fear no more.


Here is a simple breakdown of these terms:


SEO: consists of techniques that help your “organic” ranking in search engines.
PPC: A form of online advertising that the client consistently pays for in order to secure and sustain a top tier ranking. Every time someone clicks on the paid advertisement (i.e., Google AdWords, Bing Ads, and Yahoo SM), it costs “x” amount of dollars—depending on the popularity and competition of the keywords being targeted.


Regardless of how aggressive you want your campaign and which keywords
or locations you want to tackle, we will set up an SEO and/or PPC
package tailored to meet your needs.


Our job as online marketing consultants is to analyze your site, research the best strategies, and provide you with these results to choose the best direction.

While the current generation is often criticized for a lack of personal or face-to-face communication, their online interactions are not only beneficial for businesses, they’re vital.


Let us explain.

What does “social media” mean?


Social media is a vague term and essentially consists of anything socially interactive, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Foursquare, WordPress, Blogger, Yelp, Urbanspoon, and more.


1. Social media encourages interaction on multiple levels: business to business (B2B), business to consumer (B2C), and consumer to consumer (C2C).


2. Part of creating a successful brand today is establishing social credibility. Dominate your industry by drawing in customers, creating a buzz about new products, and encouraging feedback and interaction.

From a different perspective, potential investors look for a strong social credibility, which is further proof that your business has a wide and loyal following.


3. Such platforms also allow for company praise or criticism. Whether compliments or complaints, customers are able to have a voice in products or services.


Business representatives use the feedback to meet the client’s requests and, ultimately, help solidify the best business identity.


Global content writers, project managers, and public relations representatives help to monitor and run social media campaigns for clients.


The presence and importance of social media networks for advertising, remains undeniable. Businesses should adopt strategies to include popular social media websites where millions and even billions of consumers may interact on a daily


Let Global Creative Studios connect your business not only locally, but globally!


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