Our Marketing Team Really Enjoyed working on this Marketing Campaign !!!

For years our client Coby Sol , CEO of my Smart rack had issues where his belongings and expensive jackets would fall on the ground , stained with food , or even worse stolen. So ingeniusly he came up with an idea to make a rack that would eliminate all of those worries .

After Creating his product , Our distinguished client came to global creative studios seeking an online presence and a classic look to brand and market his table side racks into the hospitality industry .

Our marketing team stepped up and executed a flawless end result.

Our Team of professionals helped the client with the production of.

  • logo design Concepts
  • an Ecommerce website
  • online web presence
  • Design of POS flyers
  • Advertising the brand
  • Business cards design
  • Video commercial
  • Casting call for actors & extras
  • Toll free phone number and Emails
  • and the list goes on and on

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  • Custom Graphics,
  • Ecommerce,
  • Logo,
  • Responsive Design,
  • Video,
  • Web Design,