Graphic Design

The Essentials of Graphic Design


Graphic Design is the art of using images and words to convey messages and information to an intended audience. Through the manipulation of shapes, colors, textures, and other elements, a graphic designer may creatively persuade and entertain the viewers. Graphic design is not only a product, but a process where creativity thrives throughout the development.

How Global Does Graphics


Here at Global, we provide local and national businesses with a team of professional and experienced in-house graphic designers who work together to create the best designs possible, customizing work for each client’s personal needs. After the beginning consultation, our marketing representatives and graphic designers help with logo creation, designs for print and web ads, and brand awareness campaigns.


What do we do?

The possibilities are endless.

A logo is one of the most vital parts of a business’s brand.


No matter what stage your business is at, we can help you by:


Creating logos from scratch
Revamping weak or unsuccessful logos
Modernizing logos, while keeping your company’s history and clientele in mind
Regardless of what your business requires, our design team ensures that each logo that passes through our department includes detail to color palates, size, shape, and shading. We create an image that not only defines your mission and company as an entity, but also that stands out against competitors.


A logo should represent your business completely, without words or additional aids. The logos we create say so much more because, as a business, we not only perfect designs but also help to brand companies.

Keep Your Website Current


In order to keep your website current, Global offers services such as the design of website advertisements, which can promote products, inform clients, or simply update pages within a website. But ours are better! Our web ads are infused with not only our graphic designers’ artistic eye, but also with our marketing team’s expertise.


We develop websites and create customized page advertisements to meet any client’s needs. Our marketing team works in unison with our graphic designers to produce successful ads that draw in consumers while keeping your brand fresh and modern.


Rather than outsourcing, Global’s team relies on each other for feedback and criticism to create all of our quality designs. A client may visit the office or, if preferred, make changes via email or over the phone. Because our team is easily accessible, changes are not a hassle, but effortless and quick.


Just as technology constantly evolves, so should your website and web advertisements.


We tailor our services to meet your specific needs.


We print already-designed artwork
If you do not yet have a design, we take your ideas and create variations of them
Upon request, we prepare design files “print ready” for your use


Brainstorm with our marketing and graphic departments. The envisioned concepts are professionally designed and sent to you for feedback. Through every step and proof approval, our team helps to guide decisions with your company’s mission in mind.


We can design and print anything:


Offset and Digital Printing
Business Cards


Promotional products
Tote bags
T-shirts or garments


Custom large format signage
Vinyl banners
Step and Repeat (Media Walls)
A-Frame Sidewalk Signs
Billboards / Posters


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