Last Minute Red Carpet Event for GenArt and Moroccanoil

Location: Vibiana: Main Street, Los Angeles, CA

Date: Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Los Angeles-based PR, Marketing, and Branding company Global Creative Studios Completes Last Minute Production for GenArt Fresh Faces in Fashion 2012 at Vibiana in Los Angeles.

GenArt—a company that provides a platform for arising designers, filmmakers, and artists of all types to exhibit and further inspire creativity—teams up with Moroccanoil to put on a fashion event in Los Angeles on October 17, 2012.

Global Creative Studios participated in the red carpet event services in Los Angeles with the provision of backdrop and unique step-and-repeat foam cores. GenArt deviated from the use of a typical step-and-repeat that consists of a vinyl backdrop and rigging. Instead, GenArt decided to display uniquely and eclectically Moroccanoil products and greenery on wooden displays with foam core boards that had each company’s logo printed on them. In addition, a huge 8 foot by 10 foot artistic display of natural scenery, enhanced by the artistic eye of the photographer and designer, fulfilled the role of the backdrop.

Image Source

Global’s role in the event was the last minute printing of the logos on the foam core boards and of the large image on the 8 foot by 10 foot backdrop display, all of which can be seen in the red carpet photography in Los Angeles taken throughout the night. GCS specializes in planning and actualizing last-minute red carpet, corporate, charity, and any other type of event in Los Angeles and throughout California—at times even traveling to other states and countries to finalize production and see things through to the very end.

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For press and for more information about GCS, contact Pedram Doustkam, “Peter Doust,” by calling (818) 344-4884. Global Creative Studios’ website is and address is 19634 Ventura Blvd. #115, Tarzana, CA 91356.

Ariel Kasheri Talent Show Event

Location: Skirball Cultural Center

Date: Sunday, November 18, 2012

Global Creative Studios Donates Printed Products and Graphic Design Services to Charity Event for Young Boy Left Seriously Injured After Accident

On January 6, 2012, Ariel Kasheri was involved in a serious accident that left him seriously injured—paralyzed and unable to walk or talk. After months of rehabilitation, Ariel has regained much motion control. He has gained a lot of progress, but still has a long road ahead of him, including intensive physical, occupational, speech, and cognitive therapy.

In order to help the Kasheri Family and create a way to lighten the financial burdens they are experiencing, a talent show event has been planned to raise funds for Ariel’s Funds. The talent show will consist of multiple performers, including dancers, singers, pianists, guitarists, and more who will perform in from of a full, 300-person auditorium for a few hours

Global Creative Studios’ role in the event was the donation of printing and graphic design services for the tickets for the charity event and the 44-page booklet program for the evening.

Global Creative Studios wishes the Kasheri Family health, happiness, and a full recovery for their son.

If you have any questions regarding Ariel Kasheri, or if it has been put on your heart to make a donation of finances, time, or service, please visit for more information.

Pictures of the event to come soon!

Entice Attendees with Special Celebrations or Showcase Your Business’ Products and Services

Global Creative Studios recognizes the importance of a well-planned and executed event and strives to provide accurate end results for its clients. Businesses are able to build their reputation as a well-renowned company and expand their clientele basis simply through a properly carried-out event. Clients are able to impress attendees at celebrations and ensure every person has an enjoyable time. Global is prepared to provide event planning and event services in Los Angeles, including venue setup, signage, logo and backdrop design, photography, lighting, music, sound production, and catering for any event.

Event planning is a multi-faceted process that requires absolute attention to detail—even to the most minuscule detail. An event can promote a product or service and highlight the positive aspects of a business. Events also include ceremonies, celebrations or parties, conventions, and any other type of gathering that requires any degree of coordination.

Event services included step and repeat, photography, lighting and rigging, sound production, video production, catering, venue setup, decorations, drapery, and more

Businesses benefit from putting on events that either promote other businesses and their products and services or showcase their own products and services. If everything goes perfectly, a business can gain new customers who are attendees at events. However, at the same time, a poorly-planned event has the potential to damage or destroy the reputation of a business. This is one of the main reasons it is important to choose a respectable event planning company.

With budgeting, dates, reservations, permits, transportation, décor, sound production, and many more things to consider, an event planning checklist can seem endless, tedious, and stressful. Global Creative Studios is, in part, an event planning business—in addition to offering several other services that meet all types of business development needs. Global Creative Studios works closely with its clients to create and review an in-depth planning form, which makes planning even extravagant events simple and easy for all parties involved. Once Global understands the scope of the services needed, it assigns a group of professionals to work exclusively on the event project and to provide an immaculate end result that is incomparable. Global’s team of professionals ensures that events are executed with absolute precision and accuracy—leaving a positive impression of the showcased business or celebration on all attendees.

Global Creative Studios is able to create banners, step and repeats, media walls, and even implement an eco-friendly event. Global is fully equipped to ensure that every event is enticing, captivating, and memorable. Global has experience in VIP red carpet events, fashion and beauty events, non-profit events—such as with Breast Cancer Charities and St. Bernard Project—corporate events, bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs, and many more. If the idea for a special affair is celebrating the release of a new movie, a new product, or a new service, Global is prepared to provide venue setup, signage, logo and backdrop design, photography, lighting, music, sound production, and catering for any event.

Event services sound and video production, stage rigging for DJ and band, flower catering, and more.

Global Creative Studios is a respectable, trustworthy business that is comprised of a team of skilled professionals who dedicated themselves to perfecting the planning process and putting on a great event. Global has a passion to help businesses succeed and put a countless amount of time into ensuring that a business is properly represented and promoted through the events they put on.

For press and for more information about GCS, contact Pedram Doustkam, “Peter Doust,” by calling (818) 344-4884. Global Creative Studios’ website is and address is 19634 Ventura Blvd. #115, Tarzana, CA 91356.

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Happy Holidays from Global’s Team

The entire Global team got into holiday spirit while decorating a Chanukah-themed Christmas tree in the headquarter office.

With holiday music blaring, hot chocolate flowing, and laughter accumulating, the team filled the office with holiday cheer.

This time of year is typically a time of reflection on the year past. We at Global are so thankful for each of our clients and wish everyone a joyful, prosperous 2013 and beyond!


Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s “Deck the Walls” Holiday Charity: The Help Group

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s charity of choice for the 2012 holiday season is The Help Group, a non-profit dedicated to serving children with special needs, such as those with Autism, learning disabilities, developmental delays, and emotional problems.

Through its “Deck the Walls” promotion, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is offering the opportunity for customers to make a minimum of $1 donations toward this charity up until December 30th. With your donation, you receive a holiday sticker to write your name and a message on. So visit the CBTL nearest you and help pay it forward! The Help Group is a great organization with a unique mission tailored toward special needs children.

Celebrating Two Team Members’ Birthdays!!

We are celebrating two birthdays in the office today!!!

We are so grateful for each and every Global team member and all you contribute. Thanks for all that you do, and have awesome birthdays!

Happy Birthday, guys!!


Global Creative Studios Captivates Filmgoers at 2011 Bel Air Film Festival

Location: Skirball Cultural Center, Sepulveda Blvd., Los Angeles, CA ; Luxe Hotel, Sunset Boulevard, Brentwood/Bel Air, Los Angeles, CA ; UCLA James Bridges Theatre, Los Angeles, CA
Date: October 2011
Participating brands: JetBlue, Bel Air Film Festival, Gridlock, among others

The Bel Air Film Festival, known as an Octoberfest for Filmgoers, puts on fourth-annual event with assistance from Global Creative Studios

October 2011—Tarzana, CA—Los Angeles, CA—The independent and international Bel Air Film Festival promotes the appreciation and knowledge of film and aims to inspire filmmakers and to encourage film education and exploration.

The Bel Air Film Festival kicked off its 5-day event on October 12, 2011 with an Opening Night Red Carpet Gala, a screening, and an after party held at the Skirball Cultural Center. Global Creative Studios provided DVD projection, sound, lighting, and everything necessary for the red carpet event, including the step-and-repeat design and setup and lighting for photography. Global’s CEO and founder Pedram Doustkam, aka “Peter Doust,” provided event coordination and gave direction throughout the entire event.

Step-and-repeat by GCS

Global Creative Studios’ participation will continue throughout the entirety of the Bel Air Film Festival as it provides equipment and necessities for film panels, after parties, and screenings at each venue, including Skirball Cultural Center, Luxe Hotel on Sunset, UCLA James Bridges Theatre, and the W Hotel.

Pedram Doustkam, aka “Peter Doust”

For press and for more information about GCS, contact Pedram Doustkam, “Peter Doust,” by calling (818) 344-4884. Global Creative Studios’ website is and address is 19634 Ventura Blvd. #115, Tarzana, CA 91356.

GCS Promotes Deal-Of-The-Day Website Social Shopper through Innovative and Creative Measures

Social Shopper, a deal-of-the-day website, gains wide exposure through a creatively envisioned and designed trailer by Global Creative Studios.

Tarzana, CA, Los Angeles, CA—Social Shopper is a deal-of-the-day website that offers a daily deal at a discount of 50%-90% off of prices from the best local spas, bars and nightclubs, theatres, outdoor activities and recreation, health and fitness, cultural arts and entertainment, restaurants, retail products, and more. Established in 2010 in Vancouver, Social Shopper has become a main competitor of LivingSocial and Groupon. Because of its recent start-up and small business-like feel, Social Shopper is able to personably meet clients’ consumer needs.

Social Shopper flourishes with its mission of collective consumer power designated as “social shopping,” which is the act of buying together and, as a result, saving money together. Social Shopper enables its clients to hold the much-needed consumer power in a rough economy.

Global Creative Studios, a one-stop digital studio based in Los Angeles that provides services for all business development needs, has assisted Social Shopper in its business promotion. Global thrives on its ability to think creatively and effectively in order to personally represent and promote every client. Global’s creative think-tank consists of professionals with over 35 years of combined experience.

Innovative CEO of Global Creative Studios, Pedram Doustkam, “Peter Doust,” envisioned a way in which Social Shopper could optimize its exposure as an expanding business. Global invested in a trailer that would promote Social Shopper and more widely reach the daily-deal company’s intended audience. This trailer became a virtual manifestation of Social Shopper and traveled all around Los Angeles reaching out to customers.

Trailer before

Once Peter Doust’s vision was made a reality, Global’s team of graphic designers and other professionals worked assiduously to create a design for the trailer, while Doust custom-made a removable contraption that would protrude from the outside of the trailer and be the resting place for two ipads. As seen in the picture, these ipads were used for passers-by to access and sign up for deals on Social Shopper’s website. Global Creative Studios also designed business promotion items, including bags, Chap Stick, hats, gift cards, t-shirts, sweatshirt hoodies, and more that were handed out at the trailer’s site. This eye-catching trailer inspired people to walk up and see what was happening, which caused Social Shopper to gain exposure and customers immediately. The crowd was excited and thrilled with the free promotional items, and the ipads engaged the crowd by providing a way for the people to actively participate in this business’ mission.

Custom-designed resting place for ipads

Trailer after

It is creativity such as this that keeps Global Creative Studios ahead of its competitors and well-respected by its clients.

Global Creative Studios also brought Social Shopper to the 2011 Sundance Film Festival and showcased Social Shopper with custom-designed promotional items, which provided business advertising and were worn by attendees and celebrities alike at the well-renowned film festival.

Sundance Film Festival gifting suite: Carmen Electra with Pedram Doustkam, “Peter Doust”

About Global Creative Studios

This Los-Angeles based company was established in 2004 and is comprised of skilled experts with over 35 years of combined experience. Global is dedicated to providing the best service for red carpet events, in addition to the multitude of other services offered, including eco-friendly printing, web and graphic design, social media, mobile website design, and promotional items, among others in order to satisfy every business need.

For press and for more information about GCS, contact Pedram Doustkam, “Peter Doust,” by calling (818) 344-4884. Global Creative Studios’ website is and address is 19634 Ventura Blvd. #115, Tarzana, CA 91356.

Handmade Runway for Fashion Show Aids Breast Cancer Charities

Location: Guys and Dolls: Beverly Boulevard, Hollywood, CA
Date: October 2010
Guests: Sophie Monk(singer, actress, model), Ashlan Gorse (E! Entertainment Television correspondent), Samantha Mumba (singer, actress: Legally Blonde), Sienna Guillory (actress: Helen of Troy), Natasha Alam (actress: The Women), Greg Finley (actor: The Secret Life of the American Teenager), Louis Mandylor (actor: CSI: Miami), Gilbert Chagoury (couturier: Chagoury Couture), Christiane King (couturier: Christiane King), Lauri Peterson (Real Housewives of Orange County), Rik Ducar (couturier: Rik Ducar), Jasmine Dustin (actress: Rush Hour 3), Joe Slaughter (actor: Step Up 3D), Kimberly Moore (American federal judge), Linda Koopersmith (organizer: TV series: Clean House), Manouschka Guerrier (chef: Single Serving), Scorr Elrod (actor: The Switch), Stefani von Pfetten (actress: 40 Days and 40 Nights), Stephen Bishop (actor: The Rundown; Friday Night Lights), Tolula Adeyemi (model, dj, actress)

Breast Cancer Charities of America benefits from the ingenious creation of Global’s CEO, Pedram Doustkam, “Peter Doust.”

Tarzana, CA, Los Angeles, CA—Breast Cancer Charities of America (BCCA) is a non-profit organization that brings the “integrated cancer care” message to the women of America—meaning unifying the mind, body, and spirit and bringing these aspects of the “whole person” to the cancer prevention, treatment, and recovery effort. Traditional care stops with surgery and chemotherapy, but integrated care adds to this with its focus on the important elements of nutrition, exercise, mind and body, social support, and a search for greater meaning.

Global Creative Studios, established in 2004 and based in Los Angeles, has substantial experience working with Breast Cancer Charities of America and understands and fully supports the importance of this cause. When Global Creative Studios was approached for BCCA’s fundraising event, CEO Pedram Doustkam, “Peter Doust,” recognized the necessity of planning an unforgettable event to gain exposure to and to raise funds for BCCA.

Once the event was established—hosted by Sophie Monk and Ashlan Gorse at Guys and Dolls Lounge in Hollywood—Global’s team of professionals worked to set it in motion and to plan and execute the red carpet event. Firstly, Global seized the idea of a typical red carpet and transformed it into that of a pink carpet to match the color-schemed theme of BCCA. Then, a fashion show was to be put on, but there was a significant problem—no runway exists inside Girls and Dolls Lounge.

Inside Guys and Dolls Lounge

Doust, CEO of Global, visualized a way in which the fashion show would be able to transpire within one of L.A.’s hottest clubs, which is meant for social gatherings, parties, special events, and private membership—not upscale, charitable fashion shows. It was essential that a runway be built, and Doust diligently worked for a week to ensure its completion.

The runway in progress

The final product of the handmade runway was spectacular and proved the hard work and dedication of the head of Global Creative Studios and stood as a physical manifestation of the assiduousness of the entirety of the experts at Global.
The fashion show occurred and featured designs from Chagoury Couture, Adolfo Sanchez, Rik Ducar, Andy Thê-Anh, Christiane King, Oday Shakar, Eva Franco, Eva Culture, Yotam Soloman, Trina Turk, V Rose, and C.Z. Falconer.

Fashion Show at Guys and Dolls Lounge

Sophie Monk

The entire event at Guys and Dolls, including the memorable fashion show, was immensely successful and showcased Breast Cancer Charities of America and the iGoPink brand, which helped spread their mission to fight cancer.

For press and for more information about GCS, contact Pedram Doustkam, “Peter Doust,” by calling (818) 344-4884. Global Creative Studios’ website is and address is 19634 Ventura Blvd. #115, Tarzana, CA 91356.