Handmade Runway for Fashion Show Aids Breast Cancer Charities

Location: Guys and Dolls: Beverly Boulevard, Hollywood, CA
Date: October 2010
Guests: Sophie Monk(singer, actress, model), Ashlan Gorse (E! Entertainment Television correspondent), Samantha Mumba (singer, actress: Legally Blonde), Sienna Guillory (actress: Helen of Troy), Natasha Alam (actress: The Women), Greg Finley (actor: The Secret Life of the American Teenager), Louis Mandylor (actor: CSI: Miami), Gilbert Chagoury (couturier: Chagoury Couture), Christiane King (couturier: Christiane King), Lauri Peterson (Real Housewives of Orange County), Rik Ducar (couturier: Rik Ducar), Jasmine Dustin (actress: Rush Hour 3), Joe Slaughter (actor: Step Up 3D), Kimberly Moore (American federal judge), Linda Koopersmith (organizer: TV series: Clean House), Manouschka Guerrier (chef: Single Serving), Scorr Elrod (actor: The Switch), Stefani von Pfetten (actress: 40 Days and 40 Nights), Stephen Bishop (actor: The Rundown; Friday Night Lights), Tolula Adeyemi (model, dj, actress)

Breast Cancer Charities of America benefits from the ingenious creation of Global’s CEO, Pedram Doustkam, “Peter Doust.”

Tarzana, CA, Los Angeles, CA—Breast Cancer Charities of America (BCCA) is a non-profit organization that brings the “integrated cancer care” message to the women of America—meaning unifying the mind, body, and spirit and bringing these aspects of the “whole person” to the cancer prevention, treatment, and recovery effort. Traditional care stops with surgery and chemotherapy, but integrated care adds to this with its focus on the important elements of nutrition, exercise, mind and body, social support, and a search for greater meaning.

Global Creative Studios, established in 2004 and based in Los Angeles, has substantial experience working with Breast Cancer Charities of America and understands and fully supports the importance of this cause. When Global Creative Studios was approached for BCCA’s fundraising event, CEO Pedram Doustkam, “Peter Doust,” recognized the necessity of planning an unforgettable event to gain exposure to and to raise funds for BCCA.

Once the event was established—hosted by Sophie Monk and Ashlan Gorse at Guys and Dolls Lounge in Hollywood—Global’s team of professionals worked to set it in motion and to plan and execute the red carpet event. Firstly, Global seized the idea of a typical red carpet and transformed it into that of a pink carpet to match the color-schemed theme of BCCA. Then, a fashion show was to be put on, but there was a significant problem—no runway exists inside Girls and Dolls Lounge.

Inside Guys and Dolls Lounge

Doust, CEO of Global, visualized a way in which the fashion show would be able to transpire within one of L.A.’s hottest clubs, which is meant for social gatherings, parties, special events, and private membership—not upscale, charitable fashion shows. It was essential that a runway be built, and Doust diligently worked for a week to ensure its completion.

The runway in progress

The final product of the handmade runway was spectacular and proved the hard work and dedication of the head of Global Creative Studios and stood as a physical manifestation of the assiduousness of the entirety of the experts at Global.
The fashion show occurred and featured designs from Chagoury Couture, Adolfo Sanchez, Rik Ducar, Andy Thê-Anh, Christiane King, Oday Shakar, Eva Franco, Eva Culture, Yotam Soloman, Trina Turk, V Rose, and C.Z. Falconer.

Fashion Show at Guys and Dolls Lounge

Sophie Monk

The entire event at Guys and Dolls, including the memorable fashion show, was immensely successful and showcased Breast Cancer Charities of America and the iGoPink brand, which helped spread their mission to fight cancer.

For press and for more information about GCS, contact Pedram Doustkam, “Peter Doust,” by calling (818) 344-4884. Global Creative Studios’ website is https://www.globalcreativestudios.com and address is 19634 Ventura Blvd. #115, Tarzana, CA 91356.

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